Breakout Developments, LLC was established to develop and bring to market a unique and well thought out product designed to heighten users' experiences with current technological devices. The company was founded by Scott Carleton and Tyler Young and was filed in the state of New York in 2009.
With our product, we had a vision. That vision was to revive the aspect of physical interaction within the community of music discovery. Unfortunately, due to restrictions based on the policies of a particular Company we were hoping to partner with, Breakout Developments was unable to progress with the production of this particular product.
To not let our concepts and work go to waste, we decided to post our complete endeavor here on our website. For legal reasons, some company and brand names have been changed. The concepts, however, are all here.

We would like to clearly state, that though this particular project was unable to advance, we still retain passionate intentions to continue developing products that will provide our customers with fresh, exciting experiences and interactions. We believe in our concepts, and we know you will too.