Media  Player  Extender

The ‘burnt mix CD’ replaced the ‘mix tape’ as a means to share music, and now, with the prevalence of media players, a new product is needed to facilitate this pastime. That product is the MPE.

Consumers have progressively grown accustomed to using media players as their primary means to listen to music, whether it is in their car, at home, or traveling. However, music sharing, which has always been an appealing activity, is currently reliant on a fading technology, the compact disc.

The notion of “music discovery” is present and continuing to evolve through providers such as Pandora,, and Slacker. However, the act of discovery and the act of exchange derive from different social impulses. Music discovery is a means of personal growth, whereas the act of exchanging music is a source of pride, exhibition, and interaction. The desire to share an individual’s musical prowess has not vanished, but merely grown dormant through lack of efficient means. We plan to reawaken this activity through the MPE.

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