Though the word is seemingly ambiguous, a lot of consideration went into choosing/creating it. The word, Buddle, stemmed from the word "bud". Referencing both ‘a buddy’ and the bud of a plant. The analogy of the plant bud is that the network of music grows through the sharing of an MPE.

    While the simple term "bud" decently represented what we were looking for, we still wanted to go further, and have the name of our community and product be truly unique and original. The expansion of the word was intended to invoke a friendly and playful response. Referencing terms such as cuddle and bubble. Furthermore, it was fitting how closely Buddle resembles the word "bundle", since the MPE is essentially a bundle of data.

    Despite the fact that Buddle was still thought of as only a "working title" for the project, it was seemingly the most fitting at the end.



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