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             Buddle (working title) is the music sharing community that we are creating using the MPE as its vessel and common link. Our angle with Buddle is returning the human touch and interaction to music sharing and discovery. The current trend of discovering music online is through software-based websites. Music suggestions are dependant on programmed codes matching set characteristics of styles of music. Though some programs are notably elaborate and detailed, they are all artificial, and consequently, true variety is limited. Furthermore, these programs often produce repetitive and formulaic results.  There is an inherent uniqueness and sincerity in playlists created by and individual. There is a sense of true pride for an individual with their carefully crafted “mixes”.  It is only natural for them to have the impulse to share them with the world.

Our mission is to highlight and deliver this sensation to our market. We want them to have the opportunity to show off their playlists through Buddle. Users will be provided the ability to post their playlists onto the Buddle website, categorizing them by genre (Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc.), style (Dance, Party, Workout, Chill, etc.), and label it with their own custom name. Fellow users will be able to explore playlists using these same criteria. Additionally, search options will include “Song Name” and “Artist”, returning results of all playlists containing the requested music data. The option of playing a random mix will also be available. Listeners can then rate and review individual songs, bands, and entire playlists.

       The selection of playlists will, of course, grow and improve as we grow a larger database of users and input.